Laurie McDermott with Flashpants Band

It was a Saturday night.

I was just going to get a drink with some buddies and be home by 9pm to hang with my kids, finish some dishes and work on emails (I never feel caught up). Then we just happened across the 80’s band Flashpants…and my plans fell through the floor.

Wow.  Crazy, wild, entertaining, unusual, wacky, funny, weird and downright fun, Flashpants were the highlight of my weekend, no, wait, my month!  Even year!  They sing and play to music from the 80’s that you know and love.  In between their ‘live” sessions, they have DJ music that won’t let you sit down! And it wasn’t even planned!

It’s the kind of fun you say you want to every time you go out! I must have tried to leave five (yes 5!) times, but every time I was headed to the door, another song I loved came on and we just had to stay! IMG_0179

Even talking with the band members dressed in…I don’t know what….tight shorts, yellow hair, crazy sunglasses, was hilarious.

They stay in character on and off the stage!

Flashpants…where ever you go…I will follow.  And if you live anywhere near the SouthBay, you must follow too. Laurie McDermott with Flashpants Band