best sexy animal

Visiting the zoo with kids can be tough.  Everyone has different goals.  Kids would love to see animals pee/poo, Dad’s want to go in the spring, and Moms, they want to learn and share experiences (most of us anyway…at least until whining begins).

I want to see the animals, learn and share what we know with my kids in the .003 seconds I have with them before they run off to the next creature.

Of course, I’m often left reading the plaque by myself or with another lag-behind-parent, hoping to gain something inspiring or educational.  (The writer in me often fantasizes rewriting all those ‘boring’ information plaques that hang in front of cages.  Wouldn’t that be FUN??  Not writing them, but READING them!)  (In my next life, I’m gonna ask God to do just that!  Rewrite all those plaques so they are fast, educational and hilarious!)

best sexy animal

Then I came across this plaque at the Brookfield Zoo.

Klipspring Antelopes! (who comes up with these names?)

Wow!  I LOVE how it reads and what it says!  An animal Hubby/Dad sticking around for a lifetime?!  No confusion!  No affairs!  No wandering around the planet, by land and sea, wondering if they made good or bad choices, hoping grass grows greener elsewhere.  These animals just ARE.  Following their instinct…of just protecting and guarding their mates for life!

Who knew real men are Antelopes?