After just one time….people have asked me….”Are Gel Nails worth the cost?

Well….after a day I wasn’t sure….after 2 days when my nails (after regular polish) would look as if they’d visited the inside of a garbage disposal, I knew. YES! They are worth it.

But wait….let’s keep going… 7, still very happy. Day 12 to 17 they started to grow out and the bit of nail growing in behind them was left nakedly blank. The colored portion of my nails looked long and thick and strong.

By day 18, if you looked closely you’d ask me questions…”What is wrong with your nails?” “Is that some new type of fungus?”

By day 22, I wanted them off but didn’t want to go back to ‘Nail Lady” to have her scrape them off and leave my nails looking raw, chipped and unhealthy.

So I let them grow out. By then they were chipping on their own (not the nail polish) my nails in general.

Best part of Gel Nails: They LAST! You have beautiful strong looking nails that won’t chip or crack, and compliments come flying!! Even after 2 weeks (if done properly) they are still on! They will be growing out by then, but they are STILL ON!

If not done properly, the back of the polish will ‘pop up’ with the growth of your cuticles and you’ll be able to just peel them off! (personally, this is not a bad thing! At least I was able to get them off in full with one pull!) Even my kids were begging to ‘pull off’ my polish!

The bad part of Gel Nails: If they do it properly, you can’t get the polish off! Unless you go back to the nail lady and she scrapes them off with one of those tools you’ve always been happy she’s never had to use on you! Once that nail polish/gel goes on, it’s like a growth, a new body part, stuck, never going anywhere.

Bottom line: Do it. Try it. Try everything. Then make your own opinion (and tell me!)

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