Why I LOVE Ikea…

I love Ikea.

It’s the best place to go when you are looking for a container, napkins, a bowl, candle, mirror, crap for a table, present for a kid.

But the other reason I like it:  Bribery.

Before we go, I tell the kids: When we get there we’ll have a hot dog for lunch.  Then we shop.  If you don’t run, yell or ask for me to buy you anything, and get through the check-out without any, “He hit me!” everyone gets ice cream cone.

I get the same ‘perfect’ routine every time we visit: Hot dog, shop, ice cream.  We’ve done it for years.  They get it.

But the REAL driving reason I like to go to Ikea is that everything is SOOOOO cheap.

I feel like I’m stealing.

Hot dogs? 50 cents.  50 cents!  NOTHING is 50 cents anymore!!  Ice Cream?  1 dollar.  And they are both delicious!!!  I love Ikea!

Last time we went we bought some paint and canvas boards (Is that what you call them?) for mere pennies.

The next day we set the paint on a table with the canvas and I left them to create their masterpiece

It didn’t matter about the outcome.

All that mattered is that with very little cost to me, they got to create something…..something so inexpensive to make….. I didn’t feel guilty the next day, throwing the paintings in the trash.

It’s the journey….not the crap we keep.

Meg and her BLANK Canvas, fresh from a shower (I’d never allow a photo of my head in that thing). Ah…to be too young to care.


Roc and his Blank Canvas
Roc seems to like Orange.


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