When we visit the beach we say, “This is sooo awesome!  I wish I lived here!  If I did, I’d come every day!”

If you’ve ever said that…you don’t live at the beach.

I live at the beach.  I never go.  Not cause I don’t want to.  But because there is just no time.

Then a friend died and I took a walk with some pals… 

Funny how when you have a shocking moment in your life suddenly you can see things like trees…bushes…flowers.

I took a photo of one pretty flower.  Not cause I’m some major lover of flowers, but to remember the moment and my friend. AND to remind myself when I see the photo…to get to the beach….and to live a little.  Cause in the end…all that  daily crap I get bogged down doing…it’ll still be there tomorrow.





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