The other day I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in years at the gym.

We worked out side by side as I asked her how her life is going.

She went on for a solid fifteen minutes about her life, kids and the hell she’s been through with her ‘current’ marriage.

I was actively interested in her well-being because even though I haven’t seen her, she is a friend and well…I believe from every personal story you can learn something.  And I know how valuable it is to make someone feel heard.

When she was done talking she asked me how things were going with me and before I could finish a single sentence she reached up, inserted an earphone into one ear, looked to her stair master TV monitor and began changing the channel.

Utterly speechless, I stopped talking.  She looked my way to see why I was quiet and that red hot feeling of uncomfortable embarrassed took over and I said nothing important.

Be a FriendI quickly ended our conversation (was that what it was?) and walked away as she put two earphones in her ears and began her solo workout.

I looked back at my old friend one more time wondering if she’s always been like that and I just hadn’t noticed.

Didn’t matter.  Bottom line; we don’t see each other and her friendship isn’t one I’m working hard to maintain anyway.

But on the bright side…whenI’m bored at the gym, she’s good entertainment.