My Dad lived his life with a full cup.  He always made friends and family feel so confident they were welcome in our home at any time, that at strange times of the day and night people knew they could just stop by at Pete McDermott’s!   I loved this!  It was an awesome way to grow up, having friends accept that our home was never perfect, and people (not perfect either) were always accepted!   To this day I carry on the same tradition in my home for my kids….stop by!  Come over!  What’s one more?  (even when my house is dirty!!)

Someone wants to come for Thanksgiving tomorrow?  Sure!!!
Join us for dinner we are putting on the table now?  Please!! 

Just yesterday I walked straight up to the front door of the home of a little boy who was the same age as my little guy hoping they could meet and be friends.  I’m pretty sure the Dad I introduced myself to was shocked I was so open and bold, but after I told him about friends we shared in common, he relaxed enough to say he was so thankful I said hello.

This very morning, on Christmas Eve, my doorbell rang.  When I answered it, there was a woman and 2 kids (7 and 14ish?) (same ages as my two boys!) standing there.  I didn’t recognize any of them but happily said, “Hey guys!”

And they said, “Hello! We’re finally here!!”

The younger boy walked past me into the house and the woman and son stood in the doorway, talking to me as if we’d been friends for years.   I still wasn’t sure who they were, but knowing I can easily forget a playdate or other plans I made a week ago isn’t that uncommon, I stood to the side and welcomed them into our home, “Come on in!”

The woman still smiling hesitated, “Um…is this Hayden’s house?”

OH!!  I understood!  I didn’t know them!  I laughed loudly pointing away from our house, “Ohhh!  Hayden lives across the street! But you can still come in!”

The woman started laughing too as did her older son, who called for his younger brother to come back out, they were at the wrong home.

My kids came to the door and we all enjoyed a giggle.

The woman and I introduced ourselves and oddly enough, her name is Laurie too!  She was so nice and her kids were too.  And we were going over to Hayden’s house for a swimming gathering in a little while as well!  We’d talk more over there!

Life takes you places, love brings you home.Life is what you make of it!  Be open to meeting new people or making friends you already have feel loved and special.  Even (especially) when they knock at your door.  Make your home a safe, loving, inviting place for others…even when it’s dirty…and friends will feel your love and acceptance.  Cause life isn’t about a dirty house…it’s about who’s IN the home…the relationships you make and keep.   That’s it!  Let YOUR cup be full this season!