Beaver Creek Park Hyatt Resort and Spa

Meg doing Smores at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek
View of Slopes from room at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek
View of Mt from Room!

If you are a skier, walking into the Beaver Creek Park Hyatt Resort during the day is like walking into heaven.  The lift, Gondola and ski school are literally  outside the back door.

We picked the Beaver Creek Park Hyatt simply because of that!  Because if you are skiing and have kids under 12 who expect you to carry all their ski gear, hats, gloves, etc…oh yeah and your own, staying close to the mountain poses more hope for a stress free vacation!  Oh sure, you save a few bucks staying far from the mountain but after time on the shuttle, waiting for the shuttle, walking to and from the shuttle (moan here), paying a little extra to avoid wasted time and possible chaos is well worth it to be in a great resort mere steps from the ski lift!

The Park Hyatt has ski storage and what they call the “Park Hyatt Ski Valet” (men and women dedicated to taking care of your stuff!) which are key to that stress level thing I was talking about!  Watch the video below to see more!

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek
View of Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

Clean, beautiful and relaxing, the Beaver Creek Park Hyatt Resort is also located in the same area as all the entertainment, eateries and shopping.  Walk out the door and there is skating, unique stores to shop, fire pits to snuggle next to, and Beaver Crepes, a place that is so delicious I couldn’t stand watching them make the crepes (you can watch from the window!) without ordering one!  YUM!!!

The Beaver Creek Park Hyatt Resort has 190 rooms, 14 suites and 7 one and two bedroom suites.  So if you are looking for intimate experience in a luxurious resort – The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek is the only place to stay.  If skiing isn’t tiring enough for you, they do have a gym and an amazing spa!

But most importantly (if you are a lover of nice things!) every day around 3:45pm…The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek serves S’mores around their fire pit!  Well, they don’t actually ‘serve’ them, they bring out the ‘fixin’s (regular marshmallows, squares of chocolate and gram crackers!) and you put them together!  Ask the chef that brings out the marshmallows, “What flavor do you have today?”

Meg doing Smores at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek
YUM! S’mores!

He/she will be so flattered!  Because daily the chef makes homemade flavored marshmallows from scratch!!  Why? Because they figured out the homemade marshmallows melt nicer than the ones you get in the store! The Beaver Creek Park Hyatt figured out exactly what everyone needs after a day of skiing!!

And if your kids decide to make and carry snowballs in their GLOVES (like one of my brilliant ones did!), they have a laundry room with dryers to get your clothes dry before tomorrow’s snow adventure!

Oh and one other thing to appreciate?  Everywhere you look they have a water jug and cups.  Then in the morning and after skiing they serve FREE hot chocolate!

Their 1800 Restaurant on the ground floor has a breakfast buffet with Doughnut holes (YUM! with cinnamon and caramel) and omelets made to your choosing!  I bet you can’t tell where I ate?

Dillman Family in Beaver Creek
Make Memories!

They even have a store with a microwave that sits on YOUR side!  So if you bring microwave popcorn from home, you’ll be very happy!

The Beaver Creek Park Hyatt and Spa
136 East Thomas Place
Avon, Colorado, USA, 81620-1595
Tel: +1 970 949 1234


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