Pay Attention To Your Hubby

All men have fear. They just don’t talk about it!

“What fear?”  You ask?  There is a list:  Fear he won’t ever become who he thought he would be professionally, fear about his body breaking down, fear about retirement, fear about not retiring because of financial problems, fear of living, fear of death.  So be sure to response to your man with great understanding and respect for the fear brewing in his head that he might not even have identified, let alone dealt with.

While many women simply brush off men’s emotional issues because aging men have a difficult time articulating what’s wrong, we should also remember many marriages fall apart after the nest empties.  Simply put it’s because couples lose connection to each other beyond being mom and dad, so make sure you put your marriage a priority before the kids are gone! And pay attention to each others wants and needs.

Often times it’s the women who drop the connection.  Men have always been distracted.  But women who become so in tune with their children, their employers, their employees…many forget or don’t recognize the fact that men need us too.  If women turn away from their husbands, the husbands will find other women to fill in the gap. This happens over and over again.

Don’t let that happen to you.  Get to it.  Click off now, go lay next to your hubby, give him a hug and show him how much you love and appreciate him.

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