Happy face with Grumpy

How to Have a Great Day:

Happy face with Grumpy1) Tell your self the minute (no, second!) you wake up that it’s going to be a great day.   If you don’t believe it….it won’t happen.

2) Ignore grouchy kids….and remind them they have a choice: to be happy or to be grumpy…and if they choose grumpy you won’t join them.

3) Make sure you have at least 1 or 2 future trips planned where you’ll be in a hotel/resort with few personal belongings and a couple people you love…or really enjoy laughing and having fun with.

4) Do your job well and do it smart.  If you feel busy or swamped at work….slow down, figure out what’s important and do that quick and well.

5) Remove “Facebook” and other “message boards” from your phone….if you spend more than 5 minutes scrolling down, lookin and reading what has come through on your phone, you are clogging your mind and time with  distractions.   Look at them when you are at your home computer for fun and entertainment when you are relaxed and can look at all the notes from HS friends or laugh at their photos and videos.

6) Plan to have coffee, drinks, happy hour, dinner, night out with friends at least once a week!  If you don’t plan….it won’t happen.

7) Find a “Happy place”  A spot on your phone to write down (type) great memories from events….so when you are sad or thinking you don’t have any fun, you can look at these old notes and remember to remind yourself…..yeah….I’m in control here…it’s my life and I need to life cause soon…it will be over!

8) Feel other people.  Not groping.  Not even touching….but mentally.  Look at others in eye, and in their soul.  It’s not hard.  Takes a mere second.  All you need to do is slow down and hear the other person.  You’ll be shocked.  A warm feeling will come over you (it’s not urine) and for even a second, you’ll feel connected to humanity…and happiness will overtake you.

9) Plan your day.  Work, exercise, fun.  Balance all three into a day.  Write it out.  Do it all.  Don’t miss anything or you’ll start feeling bad.  If something makes you have to cancel ask yourself why….was it because I’m feeling lazy?  Tired?  Did someone die?  (yeah…that happens….and you cancel everything….)

Have a nice day JBJ

10) Take 3 minutes to Rule the Negative:  Listen to Jon Bon Jovi’s song:  “Have a Nice Day” and think of all the people you’d like to tell F-OFF to and when it’s over, laugh and remind yourself of the good in your life and how lucky you are.

Have a GREAT day!