You are Never Too Old to Learn Mac Computers

“An answering machine is stupid!  If I’m not here to get the phone, they can call back!”  My mom would tell me repeatedly when I demanded she plug in the “ridiculous” answering machine I bought her one Christmas.

While I got her to finally plug it in, twenty years later, it’s now Tivo and the mere thought of someone being able to enter her home through her computer scares the heck out of her.

But not for all older people!!

Every time I walk into the local Apple store at any time of day I’m thrilled to see older people in the store doing the one-to-one program to learn how their computers work.  Love it!  Love it!

I have an Apple MacBook Pro as well as the regular PC.  I use them both but the Mac is just so easy to use!  Oh…and it’s so fun I feel like I’m playing with a toy!

So if your mom or dad is still scared to get a push button phone, get them an iPod or a Kindle.

If they balk, try telling them that stretching their mind and doing something new will keep them looking and feeling young!   (not sure if it’s true or not, but it sure sounds good!)
older person at apple older person at apple older person at apple(not sure if that’s true or not but it sure sounds good!”

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