Laurie McDermott and Stefan Gordy LMFAO

After my massage at Trilogy Spa I wanted tea.  There was a man sitting right next to the tea dispenser busy texting on his IPad.  Next to him was an entire empty, clear booth.

Pretending I was a truck, I backed my ass into the tiny space between him and the tea do-dads.

He moved over just a little bit so I could awkwardly squeeze in and sit so close to him I could feel him breathing.

Noticing his wild hair and strange sunglasses I had to ask…..

Me:  “Do you work here?”

Him:  “No I’m getting a treatment…”

Me:  “Where is your robe?!”

Him:  “Oh!  They did this to me last time.  I’ll just go in there, drop my clothes and get naked!”

Me: “Nice!”

We chatted for several minutes before I had to ask, “What do you do for work?”

Him:  “I’m a musician.”

Me:  “That’s fun!!  What do you play?”

Him:  “Well…I don’t play anything.  I produce music.”

Laurie McDermott & Stefan Gordy of LMFAOMe (having just seen Celion Dion in Vegas) I asked:  “Oh!  So you’re like Celine Dion’s husband?”

He laughed and we talked so more about Vegas, the scene and how he’d played there just recently.

And then (since I was practically sitting on top of him) I leaned in and poked my finger through the non-existent glass of his sunglasses and said, “Um….do you know there is no glass in your sunglasses?”

Him: (laughing)  “Ha!  Yeah!  I’ve been wearing these for 5 years.  They are the new style.”

The practical me stared at him a few minutes longer trying to understand why sunglasses w/o actual glasses were in style.  I really didn’t see the point.  But I understood styles have their own life when someone starts it.

Him:  “Do you know that song, “I’m sexy and I know it?”

Me:  “Yes!  I love that song, my son made up his own video version of it!”

Him:  “I wrote that song!”

Me:  “No way…that’s such a great song!”

Him:  “Actually I sing that song too!”

Me:  “Oh….you are that guy?”

Now I got it.   I felt like an idiot but I just don’t have that celebrity-radar.  Ever.  The stories I can cite here would have been looking even more stupid and embarrassed so I won’t share.  But I will say Mr. Stefan Gordy from LMFAO is an amazingly talented self-made great guy.  I love his story of success and so much I enjoyed meeting him and getting to know him and his girlfriend!

But I won’t soon forget that I was naked  (under my robe) next to him….on a bench.

He did give me several of his glasses and I have been wearing them proud (yes, no glass in the glasses!) for my live comedy shows!

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