best modern family

I was adopted.  Met my birthfamily too.  It’s a long story but I’m very open about my story…too open…

Just yesterday I was driving with my 6 year old and his little female friend when he asked her, “Who’s your birthmom?”

best modern familyLater. after a long explaination and muffled giggles, some other moms told me that their kids have been asking, “Who is my Step Dad?”

It’s insane to think how far this world has come since Mom and Dad had to lie about sex before marriage.  (Course everyone still does now…..)

But that’s why I love Modern Family.  They hit on all these weird things that only happen inside a family that has some…well…modern chaos to it.

Like mine.  Would you believe me if I told you my Mom’s best friend’s son is married to my sister who’s not related to my mom?  And my sister’s father-in-law is my Uncle.

And we’re not from ‘Georgia’ either.  Hence the reason my kids are cofused…?

But all that mess doesn’t matter as long as everyone loves each other…in a normal way.


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