It feels like Groundhog day.  Yesterday I spent the day picking up after all my kids and my husband.  Last night, I went to bed and woke up to the exact same messy house I was in a day earlier.

 I need a trip.



I don’t need an affair or a penis.  I just want to be with girls (oh, uh, women now) who understand my daily ‘Ugh” moments.  So I emailed 4 of them the following:

I need a weekend away with girls to do the following:

1) Sit by a pool and not have to get anyone anything.

2) Eat food I don’t have to create, cook or clean.

3) Sit by a pool, play a game of scrabble (?), cards or beer pong

4) Relax and not be stressed to run to this or that, for this person or that person

5) Maybe swim in the pool (I’m willing to live dangerous) and secretly stare at men with sexy strong bodies that once used to mirror my husbands’.

6) Think thoughts I want to think (go back to #5 and remember lookinging is not cheating)

7) Maybe stare at a cloud

8) Eat, play & talk with friends about life, love and how lucky we are to have each other (as imperfect as we all are.)


It’s been 3 hours.  The only replies I’ve had are:

1) Can my husband come?

2) Can I check with my husband?

3) My husband won’t let me.




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