Ty Dillman at Slide Rock State Park in Sedona, AZ

Driving into Sedona you will feel as if you have literally driven to Mars or someother outer space planet with huge jetting Red Rocks sporadically dropped or grown right in the middle of nowhere.  You will then wonder as I did, “Why the heck did I never know this place was even here??”  No one talks about it in school or in life.  And yet Sedona is like heaven or magic.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing was real or never talked about.

Finding the right vacation when traveling with kids is daunting.  There is only so much time they have off from school and only so much money to spend on trips for the year.  So I’ve taken the pressure off!  And since I’ve already done this trip (with my kids) there is no point in reinventing the wheel.  Just follow what I recommend below and through the links I’ve attached to other articles and videos!  And if you decide NOT to go to Sedona this trip, save this or hit subscribe below so you don’t miss what else I recommend!

So, lets get to it.  If you are going to Arizona this summer with your kids (or even in the winter, spring, or fall)….and get anywhere near Phoenix, that means you’ll be close to Sedona!  And Sedona is a MUST SEE on your list.  If it wasn’t on there before – it goes on it now. And that is an order.  Trust me.  You will thank me (then agree with me) later.

Below are my favorites: 5 What To Do With Kids and Teens In Sedona Arizona.

5 things that I really and truly enjoyed that I felt are worthy of money and time..that I wrote articles and produced videos (Total of 6 lovely produced videos about each place to see/visit!):

Before the list: 3 Points to Know:
1) This list does NOT include driving around, staring and climbing every single one of these ‘red mountains’ coming out of the ground.  It’s completely impossible (well in a week) and your kids may be bored or, let’s be honest, scared.  But if you do get a chance to hike around, find a vortex (this is big here), see God, or bike to the top of one of the insanely massive mountains, I say go for it.  It’s an all-dayer or over nighter…and since I’ve never done it (Because I don’t like to camp) I can’t write about it.  And the reason for that is simply due to the fact that every single thing I write about (yes, every single thing) I’ve experience, tasted or tried first hand.  I NEVER suggest or recommend anything I don’t do, try, wear, eat, watch or laugh at.  So there you have it.

2) I did these in a week with my family.  Many of these aren’t “let’s do 2 of ’em in one day” unless you are Zoro.  Yes these adventures are all in and around Sedona, Arizona…but they take awhile.  So if you are planning a trip for 3 days – well…you are gonna have to make some choices!  But if you are around longer – and I do suggest you stay longer because “rushing” thru any vacation is like eating a whole cake in one sitting.  It was good when it started, but when it’s over, you aren’t sure if you really enjoyed it or not.  So breathe…take your time and just enjoy all the moments wherever you are!

3) Each article below has a link to both an article and a video.  So if you hate to read, click on the video!  AND if you’d rather read – do that.  But the video is made to watch with the kids so that they get to see what could be an ‘option’!  There is nothing more exciting for kids than to see the next cool place they get to visit!  Their minds wander and become excited of the future and are also open to creative thinking of all the memories and fun they will make and have!:

1) Bearizona:
An Amazing Drive-thru wildlife park:

2) Out Of Africa:
A Desert Zoo with Swimming Tiger:

3) Slide Rock State Park:
Hm….let’s call this: A natural Water Park!  Just be careful.  It’s nature.

4) Grand Canyon Railway:
Don’t drive to the Grand Canyon, take this train.  Faster. Funner (is that a word?):

5) Blazin M’ Ranch:
Go for dinner.  Because it is NOT another boring restaurant!  NO!  Blazin’ M is Good Eats and super fun wrapped up into one location!

OR If you want to see Sedona in one video…well…I made that too.  Now you know how much I liked it.