Arboretum & Botanical Gardens Things To Do Los Angeles


Arboretum & Botanical Gardens Fun Things To Do in Los Angeles With Kids…

It’s so sad.  LA is all Concrete.  Where is the green??

Things to do in LAIf you desire greener pastures….or a speck of grass for your kids to run on…..then you have to dig to find the ‘special places.’

The Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanical Gardens is one of them.  Both of those word are rather odd aren’t they?  Can it just be Greener fields to run on with kids?  Botanical sounds exotic and clean.  botanicalWhich the gardens are just that!  So…I guess the word works.  But if you  go and your kids want to go back…they will say things like “Can we go to that green place where we ran around and saw those animals?”  Botanical will be tough for a little kid…and teens…well…they don’t want to do anything but sit on their phones.  EVEN at a beautiful garden.  So if you take them be sure to have them botanicalbring a few friends.  Then take their phones and keep them in your purse, not the car…cause they will want to take photos!!

And on the first Tuesday of every month, it’s free to get in!

Can you say, “Whooooo Hoo!!?”

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