Put wife first


Put wife firstThe big debate out there:  In a marriage, who comes first, the kids or the spouse?

While many therapists feel the spouses are the glue to keep a family together, others disagree.

Here are the benefits of Mom and Dad being #1 to each other:

1) Security.  When kids visually see and feel that Dad and Mom love and are committed to each other, kids feel secure.

2)  Safety.   When kids visually see and feel their parents love for each other, they feel safe to just be who they are and enjoy their little lives of being silly, goofy children.

3) Lessons of Love.  Kids watch everything.  Everything.  Even if you don’t think they are, they are.  Kids learn how to love from their parents.  So let your kids see you argue and solve a problem together.  Let them hear you tell the other how much you love and appreciate them.  Let them see you hug and kiss.  You are showing them safety, security and what love really looks like.  This gift will last a lifetime for them.

Here are TWO amazing articles about the greatest gift a man can give his children:




Put wife first