The problem with Girl Scouts isn’t the girls…or the scouts…it’s the Moms.  Most are normal.  Many are completely incapable of handling that one more, teeny tiny, extra activity (besides their regular daily chaos) (that somehow became status quo) which would surely send these moms over the edge.

Which is where I’ve been hanging out the past….well…(since we are being honest and this is where I write personal things)….let’s just say it’s been this way for me for like…ever?  Or since I’ve had kids.

This week was by far the most stupidest I’ve been since my now 14 year old was a 7 year old boy scout and asked me why I didn’t read the entire Boy Scout handbook cover to cover so I could tell him what he was supposed to do.  To this I responded with, “Mommy isn’t in Boy Scouts. If you want to know, you read it.”  (He laughed…so did I)

girl scoutNow my daughter is in Girl Scouts and while it’s clearly easier (just from a gender basis…and I’m older and care a wee bit less) this week has been tough.  Why?  Besides the meeting Monday (or Tuesday)(or…well…whenever it was) I didn’t know about and therefore missed information about the camping trip she was supposed to go on….but thankfully she remembered about the trip and yet felt too scared to go and said “Oh…don’t worry…!”  And since her dad was out of town and I was set to pull out all my hair from all the stress we were under, AND since the $55 camp fee was being pulled from my new monthly allowance of $400 per month….I flat out said, “If you don’t want to go sweetie, you don’t have to.”

Stress over.  Done.  Right?


Not only did I totally forget to tell the organizer Mom right away….I completely forgot to tell her at all.  Of course the day they all met at the church parking lot to drive up together, she called me in a panic and I (of course) didn’t respond because my husband just happened to forget to pay the cell phone bill and they shut off our phones.  So I didn’t get her messages (yes, she responsibly called 3 times) till the following day to which I was so embarrassed and humiliated, I turned into a puddle.  And of course they sat and waited for (I don’t know how long) for us to respond or show up.  UGH!  I felt like such a heel.

So just a few days after the camp fiasco was over and gone, they had the montly GS meeting.  But since I get so much junk mail from the 80 or so emails coming through from all the Moms of daughters in girl scouts who hit ‘reply all’ to every tiny email that comes through for GS, that I’ve habitually hit delete and missed the email about that meeting.  AND because I’ve forgotten several things in just a few days….the GS head(clearly annoyed with me) tells me I still owe her $55 for the camping trip….because she bought food for my 60 lb daughter (who eats nothing but pasta and would have starved camping) and since I never cancelled before she bought all the food and picked activities for her, I still owe the $55.  At this point I was willing to give her $300 to make the whole thing disappear from all our memories, but instead wrote a check for that amount with a kind letter of apology and dropped it in the parent box in the school office.

Two weeks later I see the ‘leader’ and she asks me about the check.  Utterly bewildered, I reminded her it was where I told her I had left it for her.  She just smiled politely, like she didn’t believe me, and said, “I looked under my married name, F, and my maiden name, P, it’s not there.”  Thankfully my ever flowing mouth didn’t speak what I was thinking….”That’s so weird…because I clearly put it in there under W for Wilbert!”



I didn’t write HER a check!!  I wrote the check to the wrong woman!

What is wrong with me???  Do I want people to hate me??

Oh well…Okay…I’m actually laughing out loud.

Sucks getting old.  All we have left is our laughter.