Roc dillman AuthenticI have gotten in trouble so many times over my lifetime.


My mouth.  My filter hasn’t always worked well.   What I’m thinking often comes straight out of my mouth.  Not because I’m intentionally trying to be mean, embarrass or even cause conflict….it was just the household I grew up in.  No secrets, no guessing what family members were thinking.  We all spoke up and no one had to walk on eggshells, guess or try to figure out if anyone was upset, malicious or thinking something they weren’t sharing…because we all were authentic.

But once I left my parents….and entered into a world with others…many people did not grow up this way and my ‘mouth’ got me in trouble.  A lot.  sometimes I upset people without even realizing.

Over the years I have learned to be more careful about stopping my mouth from just spewing…but if you were to directly ask me my thoughts about something, I have them and I will share…(now) as carefully as I can.

Because in the end, isn’t the truth what we all want?  And if we get it, even if it’s hard to hear, it’s better for you in the long run then sitting guessing and wondering.

Since I am aware of my mouth I am able to see so visually (and tell too!  We all have an energy and if you open your heart, you can feel it from every single person) when someone has something they want to tell me, or aren’t telling me.

Almost like ESP.

For example, a new friend in my life, he’s from California and when he talks to me, you can feel there is more.  Don’t get me wrong, he is kind, caring and just a good person, but he was raised with ‘a strong filter’ and when you are able to see it in another person, it’s like they are oozing a fear of sharing.   Why?  Is it fear?

Roc dillman AuthenticBoo!

What’s the worst that can happen?  I get mad?  I reject him?  I tell him how I feel?  We talk about  what he’s afraid to say?

Then what…?

He dies a slow death?  The world ends?  I think he is a wacko?

We are all wacko’s.  Every single person you know has great things…and well…”shit in their backyard.”

We ALL have it.

Once we know the other person’s “shit in their backyard” and can fully, (100%) accept them for who they are.  (AUTHENTIC) then and only then are they able to share fully without any worry.

That’s how I was raised.  “You have your shit laurie, and we still love and adore you….”

That’s how I’m raising my kids and that’s how people must treat each other.

Love them.  For who they are.  Shit and all.  (some shit is so much worse than others….but it doesn’t matter…”

IMG_0577Here is my little guy eating a strawberry.  Is he hiding the fact that he doesn’t like it?  Nope.  Authentic.  We all should be so real.

Roc dillman Authentic

IMG_0577 IMG_0577


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