I would never have believed this place existed if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.  When I was told to go to the huge massive bunch of smooth rocks called Slide Rock I laughed, “A State Park that’s like an amusement park? Right…”

It is.

Best of all, it’s FREE but the cost of parking, which runs you about $20 per car (so load up and carpool).

What I liked:
1) Watching.  You can sit on your ass and do nothing but what your kids slide down (in sections) this huge piece of earth (it’s not steep). You can watch people jump off a rock into a huge swimming hole.  You can even watch people slipping on the rocks cause they have those ‘non-slip’ shoes and think it will save them (it doesn’t).  VERY funny as long as there’s no blood.  Then you feel bad for laughing.  The rocks are wet and grow moss, the perfect storm for a ‘Whoops!’ I spent a good 30 minutes staring at the same spot laughing.  (no blood)
2) Beauty.  Not the hot bikini people!  The scenery.  It’s breathtaking.  And worth climbing up Slide Rock to where it’s quiet (no humans or water noise) just to sit in awe or look for God.  He’s gotta be there. It’s so beautiful.
3) Memories.  Why else would you even go on a vacation if you weren’t looking for something very  unusual to do?  This is it.  Your family and your eyes will be very happy.

If you are anywhere in the area of Sedona, or in Arizona at all, go to Slide Rock State Park.   And if you are there in the summer, weekend or holiday, go EARLY.  They only have so much parking and once it’s full, you have to wait till someone leaves to gain entry.  So traveler be warned: Go early.

It’s open from 8am to 7pm.

If you hate to swim, jump, fall or laugh watching others do it, they do have hiking, hiking and even some hiking.  There is also a small grocery store and a museum too if you are a history buff.

Make SURE you watch the video below to see what I saw!


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