It’s not a sitcom or a reality show based on screaming housewives.  It’s history.  And I LOVE it.

It was last Friday night I channel surfed my way onto the History channel just because I thought, “America, The Story of Us” was a Denzel Washington movie.  Ha!  Wrong!

But I’m glad I goofed.  I can’t stop watching it!  Why didn’t they have crap like this when I was a kid?  I’d have LOVED history class!

In school I hated history.  It was boring, stupid and if I just memorized everything in the book for the test, I’d get an A.  I didn’t actually understand what I was learning or even care.  It was school and forced learning is never anything one would believe could be enjoyable, ever.   It didn’t mean anything to me that the North beat the South, or if cotton was the reason people killed each other, or if some black lady helped slaves escape in the middle of the night over and over.  It wasn’t real to me because it was all in a book that I was being tested on so I could get a good grade.  That’s all.

So imagine my kids surprise when I said, “I have a special treat for you!” and turned on a history show.  To say they were not happy is putting it mild.  But after a few minutes, not only were they were hooked, they started asking so many questions I had to ask them to stop just to get through each of the segments.  At each commercial break I answered all of their questions. It was soooo awesome!  Their little eyes filled with curiosity and WANTING to learn.

If you are a teacher, THIS is the show to bring to the classroom to get your kids excited about history.

If you are an adult.  Suck it up one night and turn it on.  You’ll be glad you did.

It’s a great series.
It’s our story.
It’s the story of US.

The History Channel
12 episodes (wish they did more!)