Roc Dillman Rose Bowl Ka Jana Carter

I know….what is this doing as a title here with the travel writer?

Well.  I’m married to a fan of Penn State.  That means I’m adopted into all the fun that goes along with anything being PSU!

Ka Jana Carter (my almost brother-in-law) played at PSU under Joe Paterno and dated my husband’s sister.

That means my husband (the biggest Penn State Fan on the planet Earth) goes anywhere anything big (or small) is happening with his hero’s.

Roc Dillman Rose Bowl Ka Jana CarterEnter the Rose Bowl.  Where Ka Jana Carter was being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Enter my husband who got up at the crack of dawn to watch all the college games he could before heading off into the car with my two youngest to see Ka Jana’s history in the making!

My kids were not excited to go, but went because Dad makes anything fun.

At the $60 per person event….a photographer caught my youngest Roc Dillman staring at the trophies.

Roc was the only non-famous human photographed in a long section of photos taken that day of all the famous people that attended the ceremony.

What does that mean…?  And what is Roc Dillman thinking in his 8 year old brain as he stands staring at the trophies?