Falling in Love After 50

love after 50

My friend sent me this photo of her parents.  It’s breathtaking how cute they are.

It took awhile though.  She with a few trail husbands.  He with a wife that passed away and kids from his first marriage that just didn’t understand how life, money and living worked.

They two went to high school together.  They knew each other but never went past that.  They connected when they were both over 50.

Today she is very sick.  He is her caretaker.  And he does it with a smile.  On any given day he is by her side, giving her medicine, making her meals and soup and tea.  She can be grumpy about her aches and pains and he is always the sweetheart, repeatedly calling her ‘peanut.’  He even wears a white apron (my friends that visit them with me have always thought he was the butler!) and always has time to ask me or anyone else a question about what is going on in life.  He’s a great man. She is very lucky.  He is quick to defend her, with a “I’m lucky. Peanut has given me so much joy.”

love after 50Wow.

I don’t know how he does it.

When a man loves a woman…

1) He feels he can do anything.

2) He has a purpose.

3) He is simply put:  a better man.

When you find a man, love him.  More importantly learn to accept him for who he is.  All his faults and weird things that make you want to reach out and wring his neck.  Accept him for all those flaws and the love you have for him will bloom.  He will feel it and be a better man.  Just because you loved him.

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