How to find the perfect guy

All my single friends are on the dating websites scrolling down lists for Mr. Right.

I heard it works.  For some?  I’ve seen the endless supply of possible dates in their “in box.”  Some are nice guys with business photos, others are scruffy with any-thing-you-can-imagine photos to even more others with private photos professing their…well…thing.   Cause when choosing what guy to date, the ‘thing’ is most important?

I personally want to email these men (or boys if you will) and share that if a girl wants to see his ‘thing,’ he must first convince her that he is worthy of her eyes beholding.  Cause if a girl wants just a ‘thing’ (very rare) she can walk into any bar and get it….many times over.  (yeah, it is nice to be a girl.)

Which really makes finding a decent guy tough.  So, if you are looking, here are 10 suggestions to help you find one.

1) Be positive.  He’s out there.  You just haven’t met him….or realized it’s him yet (or you wouldn’t be reading this)

2) Be open.  Not the legs.  The mind.  If you meet someone, think he’s cute, but don’t think he’s your type….date him anyway.  Not to waste time but to fill time.   Every guy has friends.

3) Flirt.  Talk to everyone, everywhere.  That guy taking your ticket at the theater…talk to him.  That guy next to you at Costco….talk to him.  Date them all.  You never know if someone knows someone who knows someone….the more guys you meet the more friends they introduce you to and you never know who you’ll meet.

4) Smile.  A woman (even one that’s not that attractive) when she smiles is beautiful….every guy out there wants a girl who is confident and happy.  Be that girl and men will come.  Just think if Victoria Beckham smiled?  I’m not gay but even I can’t control myself for a smile.Victoria Beckham smiling

5) Be yourself.  That sounds so weird.  But it’s true.  Whoever you are with that person everywhere.

6)  No sex.  Don’t sleep with anyone.  Men love a good chase.  If they catch, without having to tell you they love you or won’t date anyone else, they’ll be back on the prowl again soon.

7) Keep freaky-needy-psycho girl gone.  If he doesn’t call or call….don’t read into it.  There are plenty more out there.  If he can’t see you are the best thing out there…you don’t want him.

8) Stay busy.  Take a new class (not sewing) go somewhere that guys will be.  Try an exercise class, a new sports class you’ve never done (like boxing or golf -okay even I laughed out loud),  a computer class (I met a ton of great guys at my last computer class!)

9) Stop watching TV.  Go out.  Anywhere.  Even to the mall to walk around.

10) Excersise.  Go to the gym, walk on a path, ride a bike at least 5 days a week for a hour even if it’s up and down the street.  If your body is active your mind is active and you stay healthy and happy.  And who knows who you’ll meet at the gym.

Bottom line:  Just be open to the possiblity that you’ll meet someone who’s not perfect but perfect for you.  It’s going to take some time and you have to be willing to date and date (call it good practice) so that when you find him, you’ll be ready.