how to know if it's a suspicious emails

Today I opened my email to find a bill from

Looked real.  Was it?  It even had a line at the bottom asking if I didn’t want to get future emails from Amazon to “click” here.


Click on that (aka bad-boy link) (I took the links out here) and guess what…someone will get into your account!

how to know if it's a suspicious emailsWhat I always do….and you should follow my advice  because…well…read that little title up there at the top of this page…:

1) Do not go to your account through the links on the emails…oooo that could be bad…

2) Open a new window (all by yourself) and get to your account on your own.

3) Go to your orders:  do you see it?

4) Copy the # of the order from the email and put it in their search button.  Nothing????  Good.

5)  Note someone is trying to trick you and quickly hope they die a slow and painful death.

6) Tell everyone you know about it….specially older people that think everything on the internet is out to take their money but get sucked into these traps so easy.  Save one of them and you’ll be a saint in my book.

I took out all the links so you wouldn’t click on one just to see and then I get in trouble or they come get me for telling you.

Good luck out there….be wise!