Carefree kid

I have trouble living in the past….cause I can’t remember anything.

I have trouble living in the future….cause I can’t think that far when I’m busy with today.

I’m just here.


Right now.

Like as I type this.

Friends have shared with me how hard it is for them to listen or stay in the present when doing lots of activities and laugh at me when they ask, “What are you thinking about…” And I respond with shock  Personally, I really have trouble understanding how other people can’t just live and be in the moment.

How did we end up who we are…some worried about the past, or the future…or here now?

I don’t know that answer…

but I do know….

when I look at my kids…specially my littlest guy….he doesn’t think about much of anything.

He just IS.

Carefree kid