Disney Wonder Cruise Dinner Dining

“What kind of food is on a ship?  The Disney Wonder has 3 restaurants; Animator’s Palate, Tritons and Parrot Cay.  Every night you are assigned to visit one of those restaurants with your assigned Disney Wonder Servers.   Unlike normal vacations when you visit restaurants and see server after server….Disney has the same servers meet you at every restaurant.  That way, these servers get to know your children, what they like and what they don’t like to make it easier on you, parents.    

disney dining roomMy favorite part?  Every night my kids would arrive to the dinner table and see cups with their names written on them in front of a plate where they will sit.  After they ordered, (Disney cast member servers would make each child feel important when they ordered their own food!) and when the food arrived, the servers would even CUT the kids’ food!  For the first time in my life I could eat with my children without having to ‘fix’ their food first.  It was heaven…a true vacation for Mom!

Daily, the choices change from restaurant to restaurant.  There are so many choices, you’ll never eat the same thing twice…unless you are my kid and want buttered pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Whatever you want, the servers will find it and server it to you!   One night my daughter wanted shrimp.  Our server knew it was being served at another restaurant and had a plate sent over to our table just for my daughter.  The time, energy and effort the wait staff takes in making your cruise just how you want it, is unbelievable…and just want any parent would want on a vacation!

 There are other cafes and eateries open at various hours all day long:  Goofy’s Gallery, Beach Blanket Buffet, Pluto’s Dog House, Pinocchio’s Pizzeria. 

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