The blue coats are coming!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m not one to do anything basic or normal.  If I do, I’ll never talk about it.  Ever.

When looking for a fun, memorable ‘adventure’ to do the day of my daughters 9th birthday, someone said we should go to, “Chill” at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.  I was told and I’m going to quote:  “It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen/done before…”

Say no more.  I’m in!!

On the day we were to visit Chill, I stole my kids from school an hour before they were to get out!  My 12 year old hates me when I remove him from school-I’m honest with teachers, always reminding my three, “You’ll learn more from surprises in life than anything at school!

An hour later, loaded with so many gloves, hats and coats I was sure they thought I was kidnapping them and moving North, we drove to the Queen Mary and entered the Village of Chill (this is their first year!)

This was Chill’s first year in Long Beach and being that we’d been there 15 minutes and had yet to see anything they’d advertised (Ice Kingdom, Skating, Tubing), we were pretty  excited.

The first thing we saw was the Map of the Village. Small things like this just excite everyone. Very fun, very cool.
We found Santa and Mrs. Claus sitting waiting for us to take a photo with them! Under the same tent was an area where you could make Gingerbread houses and/or Gingerbread PEOPLE! People! Very different.






Cool Things To Do/See:

Ice Tubing:  The hill/run is inside and looks tiny, but as I flew down at hair-raising speed, totally sure I was going to wipe out, it was over.  Whew.  Only 4 more times to go ($12 for 5 runs)

Ice Skating:  The outdoor ice rink was our favorite adventure at Chill.  Why?  As we skated to great music, the backdrop is The Queen Mary and Christmas Trees.  At one point they even had ‘snowflakes’ falling from the overhead lights.  But the best part; The ‘Seals.”   If you can’t skate well, you can rent ($5) a seal to hold onto for balance or to let a younger skater sit on the back of the seal.  Loved this!  My kids had a blast on the seals and several times we laughed so hard we couldn’t stop.
The Ice Kingdom is only 5 to 7 degrees!  They give you blue jackets for extra warmth and believe me, you’ll need it!   It was a blast walking around seeing all the hand-carved ice sculptures!  Some were clear and many were color!  They even had a few ice slides!  My kids did the slide over and over.  I think at some point my camera got really cold and wouldn’t work.

Take a photo with Santa & the Mrs. inside one of the Christmas specialty shops. (I already said this above – but in case you print this I wanted it in this ‘hunk’)
Snuggle with family/friends by a fire pit. (They even have restaurant sized heaters near the eating tables for cozy, comfy dinning)
Listen to music:  Random roaming Christmas Carolers seem to be everywhere.  They even stopped in one store and started singing!  They take requests-so don’t be shy.   They also have a giant stage and room to dance where at specific times they bring in some serious live bands play!

Visit the walk-up The Reindeer Bar (can you say Hot Chocolate & Baileys, anyone?)
Shop.  It’s holiday shopping in its rarest form; fun.  If you like all things Coke, enthusiasts will have trouble containing themselves with one store with all the holiday knick-knacks in pure Coke memorabilia.
Letters to Santa:  A set-up un-manned station where kids can write letters to the Big Red Guy (on Village preprinted paper) and put them in the door leading direct to Santa.
Food:  Oh and of course if you are hungry…there are a bunch of Food Vendors; Pizza, Soup in bread bowls in the Village or head over to the Queen Mary (read the below) for free access!

Free Access to Queen Mary: If you leave time in your day, take your Chill Ticket over to the Queen Mary for FREE entrance (normal ticket price is $15.95) And if you get there before 6pm, you can take a free self-guided audio tour, just ask about it when you get to the Queen Mary. If you are hungry, visit the Promenade Cafe, Chelsea’s Chowder House, or Sir Winston’s.

Cost:  The cost of a single ticket includes the Christmas Village and The Ice Kingdom. To ice skate or ride down the tube hill they charge an extra fee.  But watch their website; and look for specials, like right now they do have a promo now for 1 child free with purchase of an adult ticket.  Use Promo Code: 1child.

Write Santa!
The blue coats are coming!








Parking is $20.  Or if you want to park in downtown Long Beach for free, there are shuttle busses that run you back and forth to the Queen Mary/Chill for free.  Who doesn’t love free?

Bottom Line:   If you want a unique activity for your family, children, date, husband, or visiting family you want to impress, Chill is so fun and different, with all the cozy spots to sit and watch the kids, it will be one of your best holiday memories you’ve had yet.  I should know.  It’s been ours.  Kids are still talking about it.

Advice:  Go during the week.  Less crowded.

Closing Date:  January 6.  Hurry!

The Queen Mary In Long Beach is a Great Attraction

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