Best Kid Ski School is Beaver Creek, Colorado

Meg Dillman at Ski school in Beaver Creek

The Best ski school I have ever seen for kids is in Beaver Creek, CO.  So, if you want your kids to learn to ski, take them to Beaver Creek,Meg Dillman at Ski school in Beaver Creek Colorado.

From what I saw during our week there and from when I first learned to ski 387 years ago at Beaver Creek, the Beaver Creek ski school instructors are some of the best on the planet. The ski instructors just understand kids taking time to tell you about what your child did that day and even taking time to talk to your child about what they did or will do tomorrow.  After 5 days of ski school and different instructors for 3 different kids, each instructor I talked with was always top notch.

The other thing I really liked about Beaver Creek (that I didn’t notice as a single girl years ago), when people drop stuff and leave stuff everywhere, it just stays.  No one touches it!  My 13 year old left his jacket on an outdoor bench (he’s from CA and the idea of wearing clothing is always optional to him) and the next day he went to a staff member and sure enough, they pulled out his Meg Dillman in Ski Girls Rockwet/frozen jacket that had been out all night! The staff member then ran back and grabbed 3 other jackets and said, “Hey!  Do you want to borrow one of these warm, ready to go ski jackets today?”  What a kind gesture!  We did and returned it later. People are so honest in Beaver Creek. You lose something…they take care of it.  Theft is extremely low at Beaver Creek! (watch the video attached and see all the stuff people just drop or leave behind!)

Ski Girls Rock Ski Camps Lyndsey Vonn.
If you have a daughter or girl in the family who needs ski school, “Ski Girls Rock” was created by Lindsey Vonn because she wanted a place where girls could learn to ski without the bigger, more athletic competitive boys! And where girls could learn other ‘life’ skills just from skiing with only females!  And... If you book your daughter at the end of the season…Lyndsey just may show up for lunch and photos!  Not only did my daughter meet her, she got her photo with her as well.  In the video below, that little dark haired girl to the left of Lyndsey in the chair with her mouth open most of the time?  That’s my middle child.

Learn more about “Ski Girls Rock” by clicking that link on the words right in this sentence!

Roc Dillman after wipe out in Beaver Creek Ski School
FACE Plant!
Dillman kids at Beaver Creek Ski school
Skiing With Sibblings!
Ty Dillman in Beaver Creek ski school
Top Ski Instructor






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