Beano's Cabin in Beaver Creek

Beano’s Cabin is a fun mountain top restaurant in Beaver Creek with views!  On any given night you can go out to dinner to any restaurant.  Rarely are you in a location where a restaurant offers not only food, but an experience and Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek, Colorado does just that!

Dillman Family on Sleigh to Beano's Cabin
Sleigh Ride to Beano’s

Let’s start with how to get there?  You have to take a sleigh!  Yes!  A sleigh!  An open air Sleigh with blankets provided unless you have a honey and a darn good reason to cuddle up!  My kids were under blankets laughing the whole way up the mountain.  (See the video below which details everything you need to know about Beano’s Cabin!)

Upon arrival to Beano’s Cabin, they escort you off the sleigh into their lobby where you’ll be invited to removed your coats, gloves, scarves and even your boots!  Because waiting for you inside this cloakroom are comfy slippers in many sizes.  Can you say “Ahhh…?”  They also have a hair dryer, hairspray and moose in the bathroom for you to fix your hair if it gets a little messy during the sleigh ride!  I didn’t personally need any of those items but I took a photo and giggled at the thought of once being young and single enough to care.

Once ready for dinner, we entered an open dining room with enormous windows of views to the winter wonderland outside.  The food is excellent as Beano’s Cabin offers a set menu of a five-course dinner and live musical entertainment for $112 per person.

Meg Dillman at Beano's Cabin
Great Dinner!

Kids 11 and under are $55 per person if you arrive before 5:45.  (Just to note; Prices do not include alcoholic beverages, taxes or gratuity.)

When I was there, a man playing guitar was so good at singing songs that just melted into the scenery that diners began to sing along! (Again, watch the video below and you will see for yourself!)

Bottom Line:  Amazing cuisine, well-chosen wines, impeccable service, and unique transportation to the hidden restaurant have made Beano’s Cabin a favorite dining destination for years. If you’re going to splurge on any meal. This is the only one to do.

Oh and MAKE RESERVATIONS EARLY!!!  Um…like now.

Beano’s Cabin at (970) SKI-DINE

Brad Dillman and Roc at Beano's Cabin!
Window Scenery in Mountain Woods!
Laurie & Brad Dillman at Beano's Cabin
Stolen Moment
Meg & Ty Dillman at Beano's Cabin
Coloring at Beano’s!






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