It’s almost daily that I catch myself staring at one of my kids admiring them or thinking they are pretty cool (course there are 80 times a day I’m thinking the opposite.)

But if I’m thinking something good about them…shouldn’t they KNOW?

My answer to that is YES.  So I’ve been trying to remember (super hard these days to remember anything) to take a few minutes and stop to tell each kid what good thing they are doing.

Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they aren’t interested, sometimes they suddenly start yelling at their sibling which gets me mad and I bag the whole idea as well as forget why I was even going to compliment them.

But I’m trying.  They are young and little sponges.  If they can hear all about the good things they are doing NOW, maybe it’ll stick for when they are older.

If it doesn’t work….no one can blame me…I’ll be dead by then anyway.

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