Mom have been shouting their annual holiday rant, “Ugh!  I’m so busy!!  Life is crazy!  There is so much to do!”

appreciateThe Dad’s are no better.  Just last night a frazzled Father pulled his car next to mine, jumped out and said, “There is not enough time in the day!  We both work!  And I just can’t get all the shopping, the pick ups, the sports and the holiday parties…ugh….it’s maddening!”

I smiled and pointed to his wife who was across the street with their kids, “The only thing that matters in this world is them.”

The Dad followed my gaze as I reminded him, “You live in a nice home with your loving wife and three beautiful children…nothing else is as important as that.”

He looked at his family and then back at me, “You are right.  I forget that.”

appreciate it or it will be goneThis holiday season, be grateful, be thankful and just appreciate what you have.