we can bend but won't break

Ever feel out of control? 

You are so busy, you can’t keep up or you just feel like your life is like a train blowing past all these great things you can see from the window yet you don’t know how to slow down or stop long enough so you can get off and enjoy this life you’ve been given?

Just yesterday I spent a few hours with a woman, we’ll call her Jill, who is so connected to the world I felt as if God sent her here to this planet just to be with me!  Well…and my kids!  She was actually a guest speaker I bought in to speak with a 7th grade class I teach once a week. 

What she shared is as simple as ABC’s. 

I can’t quote her because I didn’t record her word for word, but this is what she shared and what you’ll think is very cool:

Many people go through life and their feet never touch the ground.
The sand, the earth, the solid ground.  Most people just float through life….in the air….going full speed or in circles, thinking they are doing the right thing for themselves without ever stopping, getting grounded, getting centered and taking an assessment to be sure they are really going where they want to go.
When your feet touch the earth, we become like a tree, where our roots dig into the ground and stay strongly firm so that when the wind blows (or chaos comes into our lives) we may sway, we may bend, but we won’t break.  Staying strong in our beliefs and our life causes nothing to destroy, distract or pull us out of the ground and away from what we truly love and believe in.
The people that are ‘airy’ ‘in the clouds’ or don’t know what they want or what they are doing aren’t attached to the ground, and when stress, hardship or chaos comes…they are up and gone….till something else catches them.

we can bend but won't breakBottom line:  Know how you are.  Love who you are.  Believe in who you are.  And put your feet on the ground.  Just doing so will remind you to keep grounded in what you feel and believe…and suddenly your heart will be open to so many things because your roots are firmly attached and you feel safe and secure in everything you do.