Why I Voted For Donald Trump

donald trump

It was a lonely path.

Answering the question, “Who are you voting for…?” with an, “Ah…I don’t know…tough path…” just to avoid having to defend my reasons why I’d vote for the guy everyone thought was a pathetic joke.

Without further ado…I will start with the lesson I learned early enough to investigate and understand anything and everything:

A young girl watches her mom cut the ends of the roast before putting it into the oven.  The child watches curiously and then asks, “Mom, why did you cut the ends off that roast?”

He mom straightens and says, “I don’t know…let’s ask my mom…”

They go to Grandma and ask her, “Why do we cut the ends off the roast before we cook it?”

Grandma is dumbfounded, “I don’t know…that’s what my mom always did…let’s go ask her…”

They find great-grandma in her hospital bed and ask her, “Hey…why did you cut the ends of the roast before you cooked it..?”

Great-grandma stares at them all and says, “My oven wasn’t big enough…”

Everyone does what was done before.  That’s politics.  I loathe that.  Donald Trump brings a new eye to what so many others just follow along.

Below are my reasons why I put the black pen to Mr. Trump.

  1. No no no.  Not 4 more years of “Hilary and Bill.”
  2. Trump was a risk…and I like a good risk.
  3. The Good ole boys from Washington need a new set of eyes from the ‘outside!’
  4. After visiting Washington DC this past April with my kids on spring break…I learned that for 4-5 hours a DAY (yes – A DAY!) congressmen (both democrats and republicans) walk into separate unmarked buildings…and place calls to donors for money.  4-5 hours a day.  Really?  Yes.
  5. He went for this job because he wanted to bring change…not because he wanted the fame or the extra cash.
  6. Years ago I chose a doctor to fix my knee because he was a nice guy.  I said No to the conceited, womanizing bully dictator of a doctor who thought he was 2nd to God.  After the ‘kind doctor’ cut my knee apart in 3 extra places leaving long scary scars that I now tell small children are from a “horrid shark attack.”  Looking back…I no longer make a decisions based on personal character.  Be a dick, say crap about women, divorce, marry and grow 5 kids from 3 different women…that has nothing to do with what they are hired for.  Yes, character matters.  In business…not in his personal life.  That happened years before.  Bill Clinton lied about a sex scandal while he was president.  No one kicked him out or called him a pervert sex addict.  Donald Trump is not a politician.  He can build stuff, pick the best people to spear-head each project….bringing more work to many people and more pride to each city.  So if he is straight-forward dick sometimes…so what.  I can look past that.
  7. What do politicians know about managing a country?  People who own companies know how to manage so many different levels of people.  A skill we don’t expect a politician to have…but if they do…wow.
  8. Trump owes nobody nothing.  Nothing.  He is a solo rider.  He will get into Washington with new eyes.  If he likes you, you will know it.  If he hates you…you will know that too.
  9. He really and truly believes he’s poop don’t stink.  I like that.  Because he’s the type of guy who will make sure that his poop doesn’t EVER stink.

Here are the words I can’t wait to hear Donald Trump say as he gets his first look at what really goes on in politics:

1) “Wait…what???  Why in the world are you doing that??
2) “You make how much??  Why?  What do you actually do?
3)  “Why do 1/2 of you just sit there and not clap when I’m talking about ways to change America for the better?”
4) “Bring me the 5 best guys in America that do “that.”

donald trumpIs he perfect for the job?  I don’t know.  Will he be the best ever?  I don’t know…  Will he piss off someone about something at some point.  I’m sure he will.  Maybe.  But I’m willing to be open and give the guy a chance.  We know what Hilary will bring.  Let’s try something new….

I have to add…last night, election night, was one of the most memorable nights in our home.  We laughed, cheered, bit our nails and stayed up till 1am.

This morning I had a smile on my face that has lasted all day.

Not what I expected either.

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