Roc Dillman drinks his cafe

Meg and Roc Dillman Make CoffeeIt’s a rule.  When it comes from the ground it has to be good right?  
(Oh…except Marijuana and Opium!) (Though some may say these are healthy!)

Either way, coffee (when using those little packets or making cappuccino) is the best source of 3-5 minutes of kid entertainment!

Each morning it’s a battle, “I’m making Mom’s coffee!!”

I don’t care who makes it as long as there aren’t sticky fingers or bits of Coco Pebbles Cereal dropped into my cup of jo (the latter has only happened twice).

And yes, I do let my kids take a few sips out of my cup because they like their coffee the same way I do:  “Flavored cream, and a splash of coffee!”

Roc Dillman drinks his cafe