Where Are The Real Men?

real men

Seeing movies like “The Godfather” and “The Sopranos” make me wonder where all the real Men went?

The real men who make bold statements, make hard decisions and lead their families into good choices and moral ways.

In my childhood dreams I fantasized about a husband that would protect me if there was ever a stranger entering out home.  Today…if there is a bump in the middle of the night, my husband will poke me and say, “What is that??  I don’t have my glasses on…go check?”


I’ve seen older boys be rude to their mom in front of the father, the father/husband sees it, hears it and yet chooses to ignore it and say nothing to her defense.


I’ve watched boys tell their parents they are going out with friends instead of eating family dinner together.  Dad says, “Okay, have fun…”


Family dinners.  Family meetings.  Family gatherings.  A male patriarch.  A real male who stays male and keeps his male-hood.

real menToday’s males aren’t men, they are female.  They back down to easy and let their women run their lives.

Why?  Why are we producing men who are not men?

Is it because of all the divorces?  Is it because women are raising boys? (and we all know women CAN NOT raise boys into men, only men can do that) (if we do the raising…these boys miss out on that male-hood that so many men are missing these days.) Or is it because current Dad’s were raised by their moms and we are just stuck in pussy-men-syndrome?

If you see a real man…ask him to contact me.  I have a line of girls looking for one.



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