What Kids Need Most

How to Raise Great Kids

Kids Need 3 things:

1) Unconditional Love.   No matter what they do, or how much they drive us crazy….offer continuous hugs, kisses and words of encouragement.
School sucks.  Friends can be cruel.  Yet home is where kids are free to be themselves and get rebuilt to face the world again tomorrow.   My husband’s friend tells his kids, “Do you know the one thing I love about you most?”  The answer:  everything.

2) A Home To Feel Safe.  It’s not a lock or a key that makes kids feel safe…it’s the basic warmth feeling that Mom and Dad love each other unconditionally.  Cause when Mom and Dad show their love to each other, kids feel safe and secure that their world is intact and okay…and they can go out into the world and just be a kid.  Like a solid house, Mom and Dad are the foundation upon what their family is born/built…and if that underbelly cracks, no matter how much (love and attention) you throw on your kids, their world, their doubts and their trust is never the same.

3) Rules.  Mom and Dad make the rules. Kids break them.  Mom and Dad give consequences and kids learn.  We hope.  😉

I’m a huge fan of Pintrest and the cool things you can make and create there…look what the kids (well, Mom supervised) created from thumbprints!

“We Give our children two things…one is roots, the other is wings.”

How to Raise Great Kids  Love your spouse…

Love your kids…

Watch them fly….


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