What Happened Days of Easy “Just” Picking College?

how to get into college

I went to an 8th Grade, pre high school meeting where we heard all about what classes our child must take to be able to graduate high school.


Nope.  That was one list.  Did you know there is separate list for what you need to take if you want to go to college?

Why can’t they be the same lists?  Shouldn’t it be?  It was when I was a kid.  If you want to graduated HS and/or go to college, here was what you had to take.

But now, they complicate it….even throwing in more stress with the words, “But each college may have it’s own list of requirements…”

Wait…what?  So now I have to do research on all the colleges/universities my kid may want to go to and make sure we don’t miss anything for any of these other places?


When did this crap get so complicated.  Why can’t all universities require the same things?

Ohhhh, but then they wouldn’t be special if they didn’t require some weird good ceramic class you had to take, and KNOW you had to take prior to even applying.

It’s maddening just thinking about all this.

I didn’t even think about college till my junior year and even then I wasn’t sure where I was even thinking of going.

They talk about pressure.  I felt it.  On ME!  And I’m not even the one in school.  I’m just the mom and I can’t keep up!

Ohhh…thank God I’m old.

They talk about college right away – two columns – one to graduate, one to graduate AND try for college???

They have to think about that NOW???

We have to find out what college wants what from their applicants and make sure the kids do that in HS.

Are you fucking kidding me???

What pressure!!!!

Please, let them get a little of what’s left of their childhood w/o having to worry about what is next, cause what is next is college and then life and then marriage and then kids and then diseases and death and all kind of shit that happens when then look back and go …where the F did my childhood go????

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