Things to Do In Vegas: Titanic Exhibit


Looking for things to do in Las Vegas that are fun, unique and different?  Do not miss the Titanic Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas!

things to do in las vegas titanicWhen I saw the billboard for the “Titanic Exhibit”, I could barely breathe!  How could this be happening at the hotel next to mine and I didn’t know it was there?   

The Titanic scares the crap out of me.  Why?  I’m haunted by the thought of not being able to protect my kids. Hence the reason why the story of the Titanic rocks me to my core.  All those parents, kids, Moms, Dads….being separated…they could not protect their kids.  And they were all on a vacation? coming to America?  Ugh.  Do you understand my thought process?

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Which is also why I wanted to bring my kids to the Titanic Exhibit. Since most of them hadn’t seen the movie yet, I perked their interest with:  “100 years ago, a big ship carrying many people crashed into a huge piece of ice and sunk into the ocean!”

They were full of questions: “That’s scary!?”  “Did people die?”  “How did they save their Ipods?”

The Titanic Exhibition literally walks you through every stage of Titanic’s history:  from Titanic’s first sketches, to construction, to the day of her maiden voyage, to what the rooms looked like, to the Decks, the stairs, the tables, the plates, actual passenger personal letters and paperwork…and then to the ice berg (that you can touch and feel)!  (Well not the real one -but a hunk of ice nontheless.

As you walk through the exhibition, you feel like you’re there!  The temperature of each detailed room, the smells, the noises…all of it will move you to tears…unless your kids laugh at you and snap you back to reality.

things to do in vegasSomething really cool?  Upon entry, every visitor gets a White Star Boarding Pass listing the REAL name of an actual passenger that was on that voyage.  At the end of the tour, everyone must check the passenger lists to see if you lived or died.  When I looked at my passenger card, I screamed.  Out loud!  Out of 2223 passengers, how freaking odd was it that I would be handed the o
ne passenger with my own last name?

Yes!  I was Miss Bridget Delia McDermott and I lived. In fact, the night before Miss McDermott traveled, a wanderer told her there would be a tragedy and she would be saved.

Roc Dillman "AGE 8"
Roc Dillman “AGE 8”

BIG TIP:  Tickets to The Titanic Exhibition are NOT CHEAP.  (Look for discounts online)  So don’t waste your $, don’t take kids under the age 8.  They’ll be bored and you’ll be mad, constantly yelling at them, as well as being embarrassed by all the alarms they’ll be setting off (cause kids under 8 touch everything).  

The whole tour takes around 90 minutes (longer if you are like me and have the weird imagination where you love to savor each moment of life and humanity…)  With my imagination, three kids and four alarms…I finished in just under 3 hours.  It’s such a shame that history class wasn’t like this exhibit when I was in school….I just may have listened.

The Titanic Exhibition will remain at the Luxor Hotel till December 2020.

If you are going to Vegas, do NOT miss this.