I’m a bitch….

“Wear a helmet !”
“Stay away from the ledge !”
“Don’t lick the ice !”

Then my oldest goes on a skateboard without a helmet and falls on his wrist.

First day, “It hurts…MOM, it’s fine!”
Second day, “It’s fine!”
Third day, “Um…maybe it hurts a little…but it’s fine….”

Like an old man that dies in his apartment from ingrown toenail all because he got an infection and continued to believe nothing was wrong and refused to see a doctor….my son is following that path.  But not while I’m alive and able to drag him screaming “I’m fine!” all the way to the doctor.

“Yes…it’s broken…how long ago did he do this?”

“TEN DAYS…”  I stand there like a proud mother glaring at my 12 year old.

The doctor scowls at me.  I begin to think that maybe I did wait a little too long but my child said it was fine!

“My child?” I think.  Ugh.  Oh well.

No Mother of the Year award this year.