The Soccer Bribe

My daughter can’t play soccer…
She’s a happy player, a bit like Mary Poppins…chases butterflies, sniffs flowers, waves to Mom every couple minutes

Recently I told her I’d give her a dollar every time she touched/kicked the ball…but it didn’t work.

Next game I told her I’d get her ice cream if she just ran or stayed near the ball…that didn’t work either as minutes into the game she discovered the one gopher living on the field.

One day we were cleaning out the garage and I was tossing out a box of toys she didn’t play with anymore.

My daughter begged to keep all of the items in the box and I gave my first “bribe”; “Do well at your game Saturday and you can keep the whole box!

Saturday they had a horrible game.  My daughter didn’t stay with the ball nor did she even attempt to kick it.  After they lost, in front of the whole team and other parents, she ran right up to me and in a flurry of uncontrollable tears blurts, “Can I still keep my toys?”

No Mother of the Year award for me.

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