I was in a hurry…setting a goal to grab the 3 items I needed and be in and out of Costco in under 15 mins.

Then I saw one…

Then another…

Then another…

Hotties.  Gorgeous men wandering about Costco at 10:30am on a Tuesday.  What?  How?  Why?  Did GQ drop their November subjects off for some snacks?

That third hottie looked so much like a taller Bradley Cooper that I had to get a closer look….and let him know about his famous twin!  As I sneaked around the bin of lasagne to make my subtle approach, I tripped, fell forward and looked up to see him staring at me talking on his phone.

The Bradley Cooper twin saw my look of shock and stopped talking as I blurted out my noted information, “You look like Bradley Cooper!”  He nodded, smiled and went back to his conversation.

I felt stupid but satisfied that I let a human know they were pleasing to the eye.

Then I saw another hottie…then yet another.

It was then I realized I was past my 15 min goal…but I’d never had this rare sighting experience before and…truthfully, I wanted it to last!

Hot Ed quinn actor - met at costco
The Bradley Cooper twin and I made our separate ways to different check out stands at the same time.  Upon leaving he passed me, introduced himself and said, “I had heard the Bradley Cooper reference before…” He went on to tell me that he was indeed an actor and was on several shows.

Ed Quinn is his name.  He’s been in tons of stuff for years…but lately it’s been:  Two Broke GirlsMistresses, Revenge.


Ed Quinn.  The pleasure was all mine.   Not only was he ravishing…he was really kind…and shops at Costco!


Sorry girls…he’s married…but you can still look at him!!