The Osprey Hotel in Beaver Creek

The Osprey Hot Tub in the winter

The Osprey Hot Tub in the winterThe Osprey Hotel in Beaver Creek is The closest hotel to the mountain!!!

What I love about The Osprey Hotel, besides the fact that it’s the name of a lovely bird, is that it’s the perfect boutique hotel, small, intimate and the ski lift is right outside your door!  The valet room to store (and dry) your boots and skis is right there too!

Best part is that each of their hotel rooms have huge comfy high beds and some of the biggest closets I have ever seen (the whole family could sleep in there!)  Each room also has a DVD (with a free movie machine in the downstairs lobby!) and a humidifier to keep that dry air from making your hair do things no one recognizes!

The Osprey also has a gym (but really, why work out inside when you can get exercise outside)a delicious buffet breakfast, a pool and hot tub…. and a game room filled with board games and an Xbox for (depending on your age) night-time relaxation or thrills.

The Osprey is a Rock Resort
This is Rock SOAP!

Besides being right next to a ski lift, The Osprey is right across the street from the main ski area of Beaver Creek. There is even have a cat walk bridge you can take there and back!

Watch the below video I made to see what The Osprey Hotel is really like!

The Osprey closet!
The Closets are HUGE


kids in the osprey elevator
The elevator…nice!






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