“But it’s 60 degrees…”

When did I suddenly get old-lady-blood?  I live in Southern California, isn’t it supposed to be hot all year long?  And uh, sorry. 60 degrees is not what I consider ‘hot,’ specially when my kids keep asking, “Can’t we go someplace warm?”

Recently I’d heard that Disney Cruise Lines had moved their Disney Wonder Cruise Ship from Florida to the Port of Long Beach, making it the perfect opportunity for my family to try.

Best part of this local Disney cruise?  A vacation to hot and sunny weather without a ten-hour drive or the major hassle of getting on a plane!  The mere joy and excitement of it all had me talking to the travel agent even before they picked up the phone line.  (Another sign of being an old lady?)

Everything was set for our weeklong Mexican Rivera vacation until seven hours before we were to leave; I bolted awake in a sweaty panic at 2am.  One thought raced through my mind: I forgot to pack little bottles of toiletries!  Two seconds later it was as if a huge warm blanket straight from the dryer coddled me as I remembered my happy reality;

“The Disney Wonder is out of Long Beach.  Twenty minute drive and we’re on vacation

It was the best night sleep I’d had in years.  And the best decision I’d made on a family vacation ever

The following day, my family headed to the car, drove twenty minutes to the Port of LA, walked through security, checked in and walked aboard our vacation paradise.  I looked at my cell phone;  57 minutes from my door to ahhhh.

Once on the boat, it was as if my crazy life was left behind and the magic began.  My top favorite reasons to take a Disney Wonder Cruise, besides the little one I mentioned above, are the following:

1)      Characters.  At the parks, you compete with 50,000 fans.  On the ship you’re one of 2,700.  Mickey, his pals and princesses are yours for photos and hugs for a week!

2)      Rooms.  The beds are heavenly comfy (sorry Westin).

3)      Kids are happy, busy and sleep well.  There are kid clubs, teen clubs, tween clubs (11 to 13) and even stuff for adults only.  Kid clubs are fun, free and open till midnight.

4)      The ship is spotless.  They clean, vacuum and sanitize constantly!

5)      The shows.  Every night they have a professional amazing Broadway-type hour long show that are so stand-on-your-feet good, you’ll be booking your next Disney Cruise before you even get off the ship!

Bottom Line:  It’s hard to travel anywhere these days, yet alone with little people in tow.  Disney Cruise Lines make life easy.  And if single Uncle Bob or Aunt Suzie comes along, there are so many Adult Only activities (even their own pool!) they both will be asking when they can join you on your next trip as long as you come back to a Disney Cruise!  Seriously, if you do one big vacation in the next five years, make sure this is on your list.  Tell Grandma to get the whole family onboard (maybe she’ll even pay!)

Mickey Mouse & Gang is on your cruise.  You see them every day!

Your Room Host makes characters with a towel, glasses and chocolate!

 Front cover of a dinner Menu!  Nice!