Ever see that tower thing in the distance when you drive through Vegas?  That ‘thing’ is a hotel….called the Stratosphere!  And at the top of this hotel….on an elevator that rises 108 floors, are adventures and thrill rides beyond belief.

Here are some titles of the rides…scary sounding even listed as words.

•SkyJump  •Insanity •X-Scream •Big Shot

Sky Jump involves you falling from the sky starting at the 108th floor!!!  CRAZY?  Yes.  Barely able to watch from the street, people in jump suits spread like a flying squirrel racing to the ground on just a cable?

Peaked your interest?  Like thrill rides?  This is the place for you!  It’s nothing like a day at Disney or some random amusement park!  Nothing!

The cost isn’t so bad, specially if you want to do an ‘all day pass’ (if you can handle it).

All I know is my 14 year old was in absolute heaven. Shaking.  But excited he tried them all….all except for the sky jump.

Get more information at:  http://www.stratospherehotel.com/Tower/Rides

hLaurie McDermott & Ty Dillman Stratosphere Thrill Ride IMG_2665[1] IMG_2667[1] IMG_2670[1]