police shoot black men

I was watching, “Blackish” last night and the comedy was clear, “Unarmed black people get shot by both white and black police…simple because they are black.”

Sure feels like that’s a true statement?  Single Solid Proof:  Lots of unarmed black men are being shot by police.

But are police that stupid?  Specially when there is so much controversy over this very subject?  And police clearly know if they shoot unarmed black folks they are going to get hell for it: negative press, jail time and public outrage.  So who in their right mind would do such a thing??

I wouldn’t.  (Well…I won’t becoming a police officer any time soon…) Yet we must assume police have their antenna’s up!

That said, today I saw the video of Terence Crutcher.  An unarmed black man shot by a female police officer.

WTF?  I scoured the news and internet for anything to defend this officer for the stupid decision.  What was she thinking (yes, the officer was a girl!)

Here is the biggest thing I discovered:

  1. Prior to firing her killing shot, She repeatedly asked Mr Crutcher to STOP.  Stop.  Stop.  He ignored her.  Instead he went to his car, reaching his hand in the drivers seat, and that’s when she shot him.

So what was she thinking?  We can imagine:  “He’s not listening to me (a respectable officer with a gun) asking his to stop.  He must be a) stupid.  b) disrespectful.  c) going to get a gun and kill me.

Let’s believe she was thinking: C  (cause that make sense…)

So what was HE thinking?  We can imagine:  “Dumb bitching talking to me like this and I did nothing wrong…”  She’s asking me to stop but she asked me for my registration first, so I’m going to the car and get her what she needs to she will get off my friggin back and let me go!!”

So he doesn’t listen to her, walks back to his car, reaches in and she shoots him.

Who is at fault?  They both are!
She:  Don’t shoot a guy unless you see a gun.
He:   Put your Ego and Pride in your pocket and Respect authority. Period.

police shoot black menUnfortunately, most people let their Ego rule.  And choose, when feeling an injustice, right or wrong, do not listen to police officers.  Of course the office is thinking worse-case scenario when a man (ignoring her) reaches into his car.  She’s not thinking, “oh he’s getting me a doughnut to be nice to me!”

NO.  She’s in fear he’s going for a gun.

Now the whole world is going to freak at these police officers because one of them shot an unarmed man!  But where does it say, “RESPECT police officers!!  When an officer asks you to stop, right or wrong, STOP.  Be respectful.  Do what they say and they will respect you!!”

Instead of teaching young men and women to discredit police officers, parents please please please teach your kids respect.  Respect for their parents, adults and especially people of authority:  Teachers, police, TSA.  Even if you think they are stupid, or wrong.  To get thru the bull shit and find out the truth, you have to be the honest clean karma person to win against evil.

Should the police officer have shot him??  No.
Should the police officer have shot him lower, maybe in the leg or big toe? Of course!
Should police officers start putting other bullets in their guns…maybe sleeping bullets.  So upon impact the bullet immediately puts people to sleep??  Wouldn’t that be cool?????  Don’t they have those for animals???

Let’s pretend this was possible and look at the above story from the put-to-sleep (not shot dead) victim/aka; non-criminal with disrespecting attitude:  
“Ugh!  I’ve been shot…”  You feel like you are going to die..instead you wake up and find yourself in jail with just a bruise.  At that point you may look at the healed bullet hole and believe you’d been saved/cured!  And you turn your life around feeling like God saved you!!!

That story just veered in tones…I hope you followed it like my brain works.