Parent Advice #154: Kids Need to Share Opinion


Parent Advice #154: Kids Need to Share Opinion

If there is one thing I’m actively doing with my 3 kids is to teach them to open their mouths, talk about their feelings, express their opinions and never, ever be afraid to say what they think.  Of course they must do so with a calm, non threatening voice.

Having an opinion of your own about anything helps define who you are.  And knowing who you are (as early as possible in your youth) will only benefit you as you become an adult with a  strong sense of self.

Be Who You Are

Think about it….  How many men and women do you know who live their lives in a certain direction only after talking to 5-10 other people and hearing their opinion first.  Don’t you want to yell at them, “What is your opinion?  What do you want?”

These are the same people who didn’t grow up being either allowed or comfortable to voice or even have an opinion.

By being honest, saying how you feel and stating your opinion…you are FREE.  Free in your head, free with your heart, free to live an authentic life.

Teach your kids to share and you will raise confident children who (even if they are wrong) have their feet on the ground and the confidence to face any challenge in their life!