Out of Africa is WILD in Sedona Arizona

I’ve always wanted to do an African vacation.   Till I found out it would cost thousands to fly there, thousands to hire a guide to escort me and well….thousands of screams enduring all the shots we Americans have to take so we don’t get their diseases.

Diseases.  Not from the animals but from HUMANS. 

That ended that idea till I came across “Out of Africa” in the middle of Sedona Arizona.  Ride a tram and see wild animals in America?  I’m in!  No shots AND each ticket cost less than half the price to Disneyland!

Driving into the park I saw nothing.  Arizona is big.  Then I saw it.  Like a desert Oasis in the middle of nowhere. 

They call it a Wild Animal Park…and when you get into the tram that takes you into their open animal area (yes the animals come right up to the tram and you can feed them!) you understand the “wild” part immediately. 

It was so exciting, I dropped my camera.  Twice.

They also have an area where their zoologists bring out reptiles you can touch and they even a once-a-day snake show.   There is a predator feeding a few times a week, a giant walk through zoo-like area, where animals are in cages and my personal favorite: The Tiger splash show.  I call the tiger swimming show.  Yes, okay, he may splash but more excitingly, he jumps, swims and is inches away from eating one of his trainers!  Way more thrilling than a stupid splash!

Before you go….make a mental note:

1) If it’s summer, you’ll be HOT.
2) The food is okay.   (that’s Laurie language for “eat BEFORE you go”)
3) There are attractions that happen only 2-3 times a week.  Those are the days you want to go.  So make sure you look at their website or call them to find out what days have ‘cool’ happenings.  Don’t get me wrong – the other days are great too, but if you’re paying the same price, why not see it all?

Ohhhh – Want a discount?  Who doesn’t???  Visit their website www.outofafricapark.com to print a coupon!  AND WATCH MY VIDEO below!!


Out of Africa
3505 Camp Verde Bridgeport Highway
Camp Verde, AZ   86322


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