Nico Calabria is My Idol

Born without a right hip and leg, his parents didn’t give him any slack, insisting he exist like everyone else.   Ha.  He didn’t listen…

At 17 he’s already the first person (child) to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro on crutches (I couldn’t do it if you gave me six legs), in wrestling he made 3rd in state, and just last week he scored his first goal on varsity.

Hello Colleges?  Call him.  Get him.  This is a guy you want on your ‘any-team’.  Colleges will be lucky to have him.  I’ve only seen him talk on TV and have been so inspired, the next time he goes to climb or win something…I’ll bring my kids. 

Mr. and Mrs. Calabria?  You did good.  Very good.  Now go write a book and teach those lazy parents out there how to raise an awesome human.

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