Need Better Boobs?

What do they say?  “Change your wife, change your life?”  No…wait….

All I know is after 3 kids, my boobs looked like two depleted water balloons after surviving twenty rounds of Balloon Toss;
uneven, saggy and in desperate need of help.

Hello Victoria Secret!

Now, I have to be very careful when I wear the bra that makes my boobs two sizes bigger!
Or the following may occur:

1) Men stare at my boobs – which I find laugh-out-loud HILARIOUS.

2) Women try not to stare, politely asking, “Um…Laurie, when did you get surgery?”


3) My husband will paw at me all night then when things when we get home and I may just be too tired.

Best Part?
When I get home, the bra comes off and I get to go back to being my flat ole comfy self.
Oh and I get to count my $….cause the bra at $50 just saved me $9, 950!

Thanks VS.

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